‍Lights, Camera, Webinar: The Power of Sponsored Webinars with Media Partners

‍Lights, Camera, Webinar: The Power of Sponsored Webinars with Media Partners

Leveraging partners for your webinars gives you greater reach, among other benefits

Webinars are an incredible tool to create a lasting impression, showcase your knowledge, and generate quality leads of mortgage professionals. However, producing high-quality webinars with hundreds of attendees can sometimes be a tough task that requires a well-crafted strategy, adept marketing, professional production, and a substantial audience to make an impact. While pretty much anyone with a Zoom account or equivalent can host a webinar, pulling it off flawlessly comes with experience. Plus, by only speaking to your own audience, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with new clients. 

When mortgage companies and vendors decide to host their own webinars, they're often faced with the challenge of assembling these key components and may struggle to reach a wide audience. On the other hand, when you partner with a reputable media company like American Business Media (AmBiz), you can leverage our established platform, vast audience, and expertise to ensure the success of your webinar. Here are reasons why partnering with media companies like AmBiz can make your webinars much more effective:

Hassle-Free Preparation and Presentation

With the right media partner, you just show up and present your knowledge and a deck. They’ll take care of all the heavy lifting involved in the webinar production - right from planning to technical support to execution. This allows you to focus on your content and delivery, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Instant Access to a Wide Audience

By conducting your webinar through media partners, you gain instant exposure to a wider audience of This is a golden opportunity to gain brand awareness to a large audience that may not be in your current database. In the case of AmBiz, that’s over 100k with our full audience. 

Robust Marketing Campaigns

Usually, media companies offering webinar packages will include a package of media to promote the webinar. This might include email blasts, social posts, website posts, inclusion in internal and external newsletters, PPC and so on. As an example, with AmBiz, our webinar packages include a marketing campaign worth over $30k This multi-pronged approach helps in maximizing your webinar's reach and engagement.

Customizable Content for Continued Exposure

We know you’re looking for more content. Who isn’t? Post-webinar, media partners may provide a video copy of your webinar replay to your own audience. You can also segment the video into smaller pieces for social media promotion. With AmBiz the recording is housed on our NMP platform for continued exposure, long after the webinar takes place.

The Show Must Go On

Technical snafus, audio issues or presentation mishaps are just unacceptable. The right media partner with ensure none of this happens. Here at AmBiz, we require a dress rehearsal where we run through any technical issues, share what we’ve learned as best practices and can even share guidance on if your deck is so good, it’s on fire or a dumpster on fire. 

Expert Moderation 

When media companies offer webinars, they often include a moderator or host that will make sure to keep the webinar flowing. They know their audience and now how to create engagement ensuring attendees stay on the webinar and execute on any call to action. With AmBiz, all of our webinars include a moderator. One who will learn about your product or service to help support your brand in the webinar. 

Credibility Boost

Partnering with a trusted name like AmBiz allows you to leverage our established brand, thereby enhancing the credibility of your webinar. This added trust factor can significantly influence the decision of potential customers or partners.

In summary, partnering with a media company like AmBiz for your webinars amplifies your reach, reduces the logistical challenges, and enhances your brand credibility. If you're seeking to make the most of your webinars, sponsored partnerships with media companies are a strategic choice that can yield remarkable results.

In conclusion, "Lights, Camera, Webinar: The Power of Sponsored Webinars with Media Partners" is not just a catchy title but a transformative reality. Unleashing the potential of your webinars through strategic partnerships with media companies like AmBiz is a game-changer, leading to amplified reach, reduced logistical headaches, and enhanced brand credibility. So, why go it alone when you can go further together? For inquiries about available dates and the cost of our comprehensive webinar packages, we welcome you to take the first step towards a more effective, far-reaching, and impactful webinar journey. Please email us today and let's shine the spotlight on your brand, together. Don't miss out - it's your time to shine on the AmBiz stage! Email andrew@ambizmedia.com for more information. 

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