Donald J. Frommeyer Joins Agility Resources Group

Donald J. Frommeyer, the longest-serving president of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and its immediate past CEO, has joined Agility Resources Group LLC to help oversee and guide the company’s growth in mortgage-related conferences and media.

Frommeyer will serve as National Mortgage Chair for Agility. The company is the country’s largest producer of mortgage events, responsible for national events such as Las Vegas-based Originator Connect, and super-regional and regional conferences such as Ultimate Mortgage Expo in New Orleans and the Texas Mortgage Roundup.

“I have worked with Agility for years, starting when I first brought them in to breathe new life into what is now the NAMB National conference,” said Frommeyer. “I respect their dedication to providing the mortgage community with the best education possible, and with exceptional opportunities to build business. I think there’s a great opportunity to expand that entrepreneurial reach, and I’m delighted to be able to take my years of experience leading NAMB and channel my future efforts at working with mortgage professionals in an expanded fashion.”

Frommeyer will help Agility identify and build out new content areas for its conferences and other media offerings. Beginning in April, he will also pen a weekly mortgage column to be distributed nationally to originators.

Frommeyer was president of NAMB – the Association of Mortgage Professionals, from 2011 through 2014, when he was named CEO of the organization. He stepped down from that post on Feb. 28 of this year.

“Don Frommeyer saved the association when the mortgage brokerage industry was being crushed by regulators and public misperception,” said Agility CEO Vincent Valvo. “Don is an originator himself, and a very good one. He took the helm of NAMB, and he made sure it held to the highest ethical standards. He put the organization back on a strong financial foundation. And he did it while making friends with lawmakers, with regulators, with the press and with the mortgage community – all to the better of this profession.”

“We’re more than just happy that Don has chosen to work with us,” Valvo added. “We’re honored.”

Frommeyer will add his new role with Agility to his ongoing origination work. “I love being a mortgage loan originator,” he said. “I want to keep doing that. But I also want to keep representing this industry, and helping it succeed as demographics change and as our economy changes. Working with Agility means that I will be out on the front lines with originators, wholesalers and everyone who’s working to make the mortgage community the best it can be.”